Investosports is one of its kind online fantasy sports platforms, that allows you to optimally utilize your sports knowledge along with a basic understanding of trading. It is unique in a way that here you can trade sports players by buying and selling stocks and in return earn huge profits.

Investosports is specially designed for the avid admirers and followers of sports, just like you. By having sheer knowledge of a particular sport and analytical skills, you can use this platform to your advantage and earn while enjoying the ups and downs of the game.

After being a spectator of the sport, you can now become a selector and a manager of players. Depending upon your understanding of players, you can choose a set of players who you think will outperform the others. Lead by your gut feeling and market sense, soon you can be a pro in this game and create your own fortune.

About the minds behind Investosports

The idea of Investosports got its inception in the year 2020, with an objective to bring a unique format in the fantasy sports industry for gaming enthusiasts. Investosports seeks to blend user’s knowledge of sports and trading to help them to earn lucrative money.

Co-founded by college friends and visionaries who always wanted to venture out something that they believed in. Though fantasy sport is now an established concept in India, however, what sets Investosports apart is that the user's winning is dependent on his expertise on the app and not on the ranking or comparative competition with others like on other popular apps.

Leveraging the structure of Investosports, the founders envision providing quality and transparent experience to users where they can fully trust the platform to put their money on. And earn money purely on the basis of their knowledge and skills more than their luck.

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Win on InvestoSports by maximizing your portfolio value and selling your stocks when profitable. Just remember one rule ‘Buy low, Sell high’. Also, you can have extra winnings through player performance bonuses.

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