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Place bids in real-time! Hassle free trading of players! Everyday!
Even during an ongoing match.


when your player is in demand

Outstanding performances increase demand of a player
causing the player stock and your portfolio value to shoot up!

Add/Withdraw Funds

anytime with just one click

Cash in your winnings or add funds to further strengthen your portfolio,
all in one-click!


Earn when your player shines

You can also earn performance bonus on your portfolio player for every match

Make your own portfolio

using your cricket knowledge

and earn big returns

Try out your unconventional choices without the pressure of fitting them in
the playing 11 for a match. Trading is always open so you can always
update and improvise your portfolio as the season progresses.
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InvestoSports is a fantasy sports trading platform where you can use your game knowledge to play an interesting online game that empowers you to earn real-time money.
Yes, Investosports is fully safe, secure, and legal where you are using your sports knowledge and skills to make your portfolio and earn a profit out of it.
InvestoSports uses a verified third-party payment gateway that undergoes various security checks in order to ensure that all the transactions on our website/app are completely safe and credible.
Yes, to play InvestoSports you need to fulfill the minimum age criteria of being 18+. We do not allow any individual below the age of 18.

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Win on InvestoSports by maximizing your portfolio value and selling your stocks when profitable. Just remember one rule ‘Buy low, Sell high’. Also, you can have extra winnings through player performance bonuses.

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